Position Control

Continuous position sensing and control for measurement and positioning applications.

Linear Position Feedback

Position Feedback image
Provides continuous position sensing in a lightweight, small-bore air cylinder.
Position Feedback Low Friction
Bimba's PFLF Series feature position feedback, low friction cylinders that meet NFPA tie-rod standards.
Position Feedback Non-Contact image
The PFCN uses a non-contact calibrated internal magnetostrictive transducer.
Position Feedback Non-Contact with Rod Lock image
Bimba's PFCNL series feature non-contact position feedback cylinders with rod locks.
Position Feedback with Rod Lock image
Bimba's PFCL series feature everything from the PFC series cylinders, with an additional rod lock.

Rotary Position Feedback

Position Feedback Rack and Pinion image
Position feedback Pneu-Turn® rotary actuators are available in single or double rack models.


Digital Panel Meter image
Used with Position Feedback Cylinders to perform accurate measuring and/or gauging operations.
Electronic Controller image
Electronic controllers provide 10VDC regulated power to our Position Feedback Actuators.
Position Control System How to Order
For use with any pneumatic Bimba Position Feedback Actuator to provide closed-loop positioning.
Servo Pneumatic Control System with Software Setup image
This system offers closed loop control for pneumatic motion control applications.

Balluff Position Control

Internal Balluff Transducer image
Balluff internal transducers are available for use with TA, TD, FM and SS series NFPA cylinders.
External Balluff Transducers image
For use with TA, TD, TRA, FM, SS, MSE or MSR, Tandem, 3-Position & double rod end cylinders.
Induction Sensors (End of stroke sensor) image
Balluff’s Strokemaster® cylinder-position sensors provide precision end-of-stroke sensing.
Induction Sensor Cable Connector image
Induction sensor cable connectors are available for use with Balluff transducers.