TRD manufactures cylinders that are renowned for their durability, high-quality construction and long-lasting performance. TRD maintains an industry leading delivery schedule--standard delivery in 2-3 days. Every cylinder is proudly made-to-order in the USA with the highest quality components, and all product lines have a wide variety of options and modifications available.

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TRD facilitates the design process

TRD is proud to announce a powerful, web-based sizing and selection module that makes designing Bimba products even easier. This user-friendly application provides two major functional benefits:
  1. Sizing module guides the user through application parameters and drills down to the best product solution. It also allows direct entry of a model number, enabling the user to evaluate the cylinder in a set of application parameters.
  2. Part number configuration after the properly sized cylinder or actuator is found, this module guides the user through the logical creation of a model number. From that point, all other information such as drawings (2D or 3D) and delivery schedule can be obtained at The system’s flexibility is unmatched by similar applications in the industry.

Three types of users are easily accommodated

  1. User knows part number in an existing application
    The user knows the model number in use or that will be used and wants to evaluate that cylinder under different application variables — for example, how the cylinder will react if velocity is increased by X%.
  2. User knows general product type
    It is pre-determined by the application requirements that a certain sub-segment of products must be used. For example, a guided actuator is required, so the user can select Linear Thrusters specifically.
  3. User knows only general application requirements
    A broad parametric search guides the user from a general case, to a product group, then ultimately to a specific model number. For example, it may be known that a primary requirement is stainless steel due to a corrosive environment. A top-level search filters out all products meeting that requirement, from which point further sizing is performed.