TRD manufactures cylinders that are renowned for their durability, high-quality construction and long-lasting performance. TRD maintains an industry leading delivery schedule--standard delivery in 2-3 days. Every cylinder is proudly made-to-order in the USA with the highest quality components, and all product lines have a wide variety of options and modifications available.

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Adjustable Stroke

Adjustable strokes allow for the same actuator to be used with different stroke lengths. TRD has several models available to allow for various stroke adjustment methods. Custom designed solutions can be engineered, contact factory with design specifications.
  • The Adjustable Stroke (AS) option adds a non-removable threaded rod in the cylinder cap to provide adjustable stroke on the cylinder retract.
  • Micro-Adjust (MA option) allows for precise stroke adjustment on the extend stroke in .001” increments for short stroke applications (standard is up to 6”; custom lengths are available). The MA option has an enclosed stop collar which eliminates exposed pinch points.
  • Threaded stop collars can be used to adjust the extend position, or to adjust the middle position of a three position design. This design can be used on long stroke applications. Note: The threaded stop collar and consequently pinch point is exposed- proper guarding should be provided by customer for operator safety.

8" bore custom front mounted extend stroke adjustment