TRD manufactures cylinders that are renowned for their durability, high-quality construction and long-lasting performance. TRD maintains an industry leading delivery schedule--standard delivery in 2-3 days. Every cylinder is proudly made-to-order in the USA with the highest quality components, and all product lines have a wide variety of options and modifications available.

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Special Options

  • Standard cylinders may not always meet all the needs of an application. TRD offers an extensive selection of catalog standard options to meet many needs. When a catalog standard isn’t enough, custom options can be created to handle atypical problems or to extend the life of the cylinder.
  • Cushions help extend actuator life by reducing destructive kinetic energy transmission to cylinder components. TRD offers 3 cushion sizes as standard options to provide many energy dissipation options. Custom length cushions have been developed to combat higher kinetic energy applications.
  • Custom bumpers and wear bands can help extend cylinder life when long strokes, fast cycles or side load resistance are required.
  • Manifold plates to accept an air valve are designed and made to order.
  • Options can be created for any application, contact factory with design specifications.

TA series with Namur valve interface manifold