Air Preparation


Coalescing Filter
Coalescing filters protect sensitive pneumatic equipment by removing oil mist and contamination down to 0.01μ.
MGF Series
MGF is a pneumatic filter unit that can be connected inline to the pneumatic circuit.


"0 & 11" Series
Used to maintain a preset downstream pressure, available in relieving/non-relieving.
MGR Series
Modular regulators for standalone installation or use in an FRL.
MSR Series
Compact and reliable regulators for panel or inline installation where space is limited.


MGL Series
MGL is a pneumatic lubricator unit that can be connected inline to the pneumatic circuit.

Combination F/R Units

MGFR Series
High quality, high reliability filter regulators.

Assembled Combinations

MGFC Series for Air Preparation
Bimba offers high quality, high reliability, filters, regulators, and lubricator combinations.


Digital Pressure Gauge
Digital gauges increase precision and legibility on regulators and filter-regulators.
Digital Pressure Switch
DPS series digital pressure switches offer programmable digital and analog pressure outputs.
Distribution Block
MGA series distribution blocks are available for use with MFD pressure regulators.
FRL Modular Connecting Kit
Bimba offers filter, regulator, lubricator modular connecting kits for each series of products.
MGB Brackets
Individual replacement mounting brackets for air preparation products
Micro Pressure Gauges
Pneumadyne offers Micro Pressure Gauges in three pressure ranges.
NPT Round Gauges
Bimba offers round gauge kits to increase precision and legibility on our regulators and filter-regulators.
Relief Valve
MGZ series pressure relief valves are available to use with MFD pressure regulators.
Soft Start Valve
MGV series soft start valves are available with MFD pressure regulators.