Alignment Coupler (#5-40 to 1"-14)

Alignment couplers are designed to simplify alignment issues, resist vibrational loosening, and allow excellent freedom of movement.  They can be clamped straight to the cylinder rod, offering a superior strength connection.  Alignment allowances can eliminate the need for expensive precision machining in rigidly mounted applications.

  • Miniature couplers available from #5-40 through #10-32 sizes
  • Up to 20° of spherical movement and 0.02” lateral allowance and 0.002” of axial play
  • Couplers from 1/4"-28 to 1"-14, allow 1° of spherical movement, 1-16" of lateral allowance
  • High tensile, hardened and blackened steel
  • Specify "-SS" at end of part number for stainless steel
  • AC = Standard Coupler, ACH = Hex Coupler