Tie Rod

Standard NFPA Tie Rod Image
TA cylinders offer high quality, heavy duty construction in an NFPA tie rod interchangeable design.
Standard Steel Image
Steel cylinders provide strength and durability, withstanding abuse while maintaining reliable performance.
Tough Duty Image
High quality, heavy duty construction like the TA series, with performance features standard.
Flush Mount Image
The same high quality as the TA series, with the benefit of sleeve nut construction.
Flush Mount Rod Lock Image
A 100% ball bearing design distributes even locking (clamp-holding) forces along the shaft.
FM Series with Rod Lock Image
A 100% ball bearing design distributes even locking (clamp-holding) forces along the shaft.
Back to Back
Combines two individual cylinders with common bore sizes together as one unit with common tie rods.
3-Position Tie Rod Image
Two cylinders built as one unit with one rod end, capable of producing three rod positions.
Position Feedback Low Friction Image
PFLF series feature position feedback, low friction cylinders that meet NFPA tie-rod standards.
Air/Oil Tandem Image
Air provides the force to extend and retract the cylinder, and oil provides precise stroke speed control.
Triple Rod Image
Triple Rod cylinders with 3 piston rods increase stability and strength and feature a non-rotating design.
Multi-Stage Image
Multi-stage cylinders achieve greater forces by multiplying the output force with additional pistons.
Stainless Steel Tie Rod Image
Combining multiplied force outputs with added protection in corrosive environments.
Stainless Steel Multi-Stage Image
Precision machined from 303/304 stainless steel providing high performance in harsh environments.
Telescoping Image
Two-stage telescoping design remains 100% double acting while providing incredible space savings.
Small Bore Image
Small bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders generate high performance in most applications.
Large Bore Image
Bimba's HD series large bore cylinders offer excellent performance and a long service life.