Induction Sensor Cable Connectors

Bimba will build your cylinder with the proper magnet, spacer plates (if required), drilling and tapping, intermediate supports (if required) and furnish the transducer as a complete unit. Three types of Balluff cable connectors are offered;  Mini Connectors, Micro AC .50" x 20 UNF Connectors, and Micro M12 DC Connectors.  All three feature a straight female connection.


  • Z series transducers are embedded in the center of the cylinder, protecting the probe
  • Z series transducers are available with TA, TD, FM, TAS and SS series
  • R series transducers mount externally to the cylinder
  • All cylinder/transducer assemblies are 100% tested before shipping
  • These products provide high position feedback accuracy at a low cost 
  • For more information on Balluff transducers, visit the Balluff website at