Dual Air

Dual Air Manifolds feature two separate manifolds in one block enabling two independent flow paths (vacuum and pressure) to be plumbed at the same location. Two through 5-station manifolds are available for installation convenience. Port sizes include: 1/8 NPT (F), ¼ NPT (F) and 3/8 NPT (F).

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Input port sizes: ¼ NPT (F) and 3/8 NPT (F)
  • Output port sizes: 1/8 NPT (F) and ¼ NPT (F)
  • Two independent flow paths in a single block
  • Black anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Bimba manufactures custom manifolds; contact us with your unique requirement

How to Order

Material: Aluminum (Black anodized)
Operating Pressure at 72°F: 1000 psi nonshock air & 3000 psi nonshock hydraulic
Temperature Range: 10° to 200° F
Media: Air, Water, Natural Gas, Hydraulic Oils, Gasoline

Dual Air Manifolds Performance Data