IntelliSense® Firmware (vR102)

The IntelliSense® Firmware vR102 is the brains of the IntelliSense® Platform and allows the user to select how the SIM outputs behave. They are no longer preprogrammed as end of travel. The firmware is loaded on an IntelliSense® SIM via an IntelliSense® Data Gateway or the IntelliSense® PC software. This file contains the latest updates to the IntelliSense® algorithms.

  • Enables user to select the function of the SIM outputs
  • Install using IntelliSense® PC software or an IntelliSense® Data Gateway
  • Refer to IntelliSense® user manual for installation instructions
  • Requires IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module hardware
  • Requires IntelliSense® PC software or IntelliSense® Data Gateway
  • Firmware version R102 requires IntelliSense® PC/Data Gateway software version 1.2.0 or newer

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