1/8 OD x 1/16 ID Polyurethane Coil Tubing

Polyurethane has outstanding memory and flexibility which make it ideal for processing into self-storing coiled tubing. We offer single and twin coils from 1/8 OD x 1/16 ID Polyurethane tubing, which are extraordinarily tough and resistant to abrasion, over-stretching and kink damage. Many colors are available to match components within a pneumatic system.

  • Colors: clear, black, blue or transparent blue
  • Durometer: 85A (single) & 90A (twin)
  • Working pressure at 75° F: 115 psi (85A) & 160 psi (90A)
  • Vacuum: to 28” Hg
  • Fitting recommendation: barb
  • Working length: 8’ (single) & 5’ (twin)

How to Order