Pneumatic Vacuum Switch- VSW5A

Bimba's VSW5A is a high-current capacity switch capable of switching line voltage loads from 5 Amps to 125vAC. The sealed vacuum switch is field adjustable from 5 to 28”Hg [169 to 948 mbar]. The vacuum level adjustment screw is easily accessed below the DIN connector. Wiring can be either normally open or normally closed. Ideal for hazardous or wash down applications or in dirty or dust-laden environments.

  • High amperage line voltage 120vAC
  • Vacuum range 5” to 30”Hg [-170 to 1015mbar]
  • Durable – Nema 6 Enclosure (IP67) protection for extremely dirty environments
  • Flexible – field adjustable between vacuum ranges
  • Easy to install – common electrical connection DIN 43650A
  • Can be wired for normally open or normally closed

To order the VSW5A Series switch or to download CAD files, click here.

How to Specify:

Order part # VSW5A