"400" Series

“400” Series directional control valves feature four configurations for plumbing convenience. Choose from standard, side, fully or rear ported valves to meet your installation requirements. Configurations are available with nylon/metal push button, detented/momentary toggle, or ball actuators. Alternative plumbing methods are possible with the fully ported style.

  • Input port:  1/8 NPT (F)
  • Output port:  1/8 NPT (F)
  • Exhaust port:  non-threaded or 1/8 NPT (F)
  • Flow rate:  33 scfm at 125 psi (normally closed)
  • Operating Pressure:  26” Hg  to 125 psi
  • Actuators:  push button, detented toggle, momentary toggle, ball


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