2/3-Way with Conduit Outlet

MB valves are used when you need to convert an electrical signal into a flow of air. 2-way models let air flow through the valve when energized. 3-way models let air flow through the valve when energized and exhaust when de-energized. Normally closed means inlet air is blocked until the valve is energized. Normally open means the inlet is blocked when energized.

  • Max. Temperature:  185 F
  • Pressure:  Vacuum to 120 PSI
  • Orifice:  0.038"
  • Conduit:  1/2" NPT
  • Response:  20-30 ms
  • Filtration:  40 micron minimum


How to Order

Pressure Rating:  Vacuum to 120 PSI
Temperature Range:  Up to 185° F (85° C)
Media:  Air
Orifice:  0.038ʺ
Conduit:  1/2ʺ NPS
Lubrication:  None Required
Filtration:  40 micron minimum
Base:  Aluminum