ACV Series PTO Valves

2-position ACV valves can be used for 4-way directional control or as a 3-way pilot valve.  Its function indicator has been designed directly into the control knob and is visible only when the valve is in the energized or open position.  ACV features an optional interlock reset port which can be used to automatically return the valve to the closed position.

  • All ACVs are supplied with integral push-in fittings (for 5/32” or 1/4” tube)
  • Designed for mobile equipment operations to avoid stall conditions
  • The interlock feature ensures that the PTO cannot be operated while vehicle is in motion
  • Available in air release, air applied, or solenoid with air release models
  • Available with red, black, or green knobs
  • Available with 1/4" or 6 mm port sizes