"10" Series

Commonly used to allow for rapid cylinder return, quick exhaust valves are able to relieve 100 in3 of air in 6 seconds.  These compact valves feature 10-32 (M) and M5 (M) cylinder ports and 10-32 (F), M5 or 5/32 Push-in input ports to accommodate installation requirements.  The 10-32 and M5 ports feature our captured o-ring design, providing a superior seal ensuring a leak resistant fit.

•    Input Port options:  10-32 (F), M5 or 5/32 Push-in
•    Output (Cylinder) Port options:  10-32 (M) , Adjustable M5 or Adjustable 10-32 (M)
•    Exhaust Port options:  10-32 (F) or M5
•    Flow Rate:  10.8 scfm at 125 psi
•    Operating Pressure:  0 to 125 psi
•    Relieves 100 in3 of air in 6 seconds

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