TRD manufactures cylinders that are renowned for their durability, high-quality construction and long-lasting performance. TRD maintains an industry leading delivery schedule--standard delivery in 2-3 days. Every cylinder is proudly made-to-order in the USA with the highest quality components, and all product lines have a wide variety of options and modifications available.

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Accessories: Alignment Couplers

TRD’s Alignment Couplers eliminate the need to precisely mount cylinders in an application. The couplers prevent binding and erratic movement that misalignment causes, extending the bearing and seal life of the cylinders.
  • Machined from Break-Die™ high strength material and are the toughest, longest lasting alignment couplers on the market.
  • Compensate for ± 1° of angular error and ± 1/16” lateral misalignment on push and pull strokes, resulting in increased efficiency by eliminating friction caused from misalignment.
  • Available in fifteen sizes, from 1/4”-28” to 2”-12”.
  • Many coupler sizes available in Stainless Steel.
  • ACH style couplers have a slot milled through the tapped mounting threads and two socket head cap screws strategically placed to allow the coupler to be clamped to the rod, offering a superior strength connection. The hex body is provided for easy adjustment of coupler on the piston rod thread.

Family of Alignment Couplers