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Permanent Lubrication

TRD Manufacturing designs it’s pneumatic cylinders to perform without the need for additional lubrication.  To meet the demands and life expectancy in the multitude of commercial and industrial applications, the cylinder lubricant must possess the broadest scope of properties.  Magnalube®-G, made by the Carleton-Stuart Corp., is the lubricant of choice that exceeds our performance specifications.

Magnalube®-G is a Teflon® based grease that deposits a fine protective and lubricating film on all moving cylinder components, offering excellent resistance to lubrication migration in applications where the use of an in-line lubricator is not practical and/or lubrication migration is problematic.  Magnalube®-G is less affected by corrosive moisture found in some air lines and will resist migration in warmer applications better than a petroleum based oil.  (NOTE: Magnalube®-G is susceptible to “washout” if used in applications utilizing FRL’s with moderate to heavy oil flows).

Long Strokes:  Cylinder rods will have more exposure to the environment in long strokes.  This can allow for quicker lubrication evaporation, migration, etc., allowing the metal of the rod to rub against the rod seal before having a chance to be relubricated inside of the cylinder.  This can accelerate rod seal failure even if the air being used is lubricated.  Magnalube®-G offers excellent rod protection due to the negligible loss of properties to evaporation.

Temperatures:  Magnalube®-G is rated up to 458 degrees F.  It will not experience a viscosity breakdown- either in higher temperature applications or in high-speed applications, where heat is generated due to normal internal operating friction.  Low temperature  rating to –35 degrees F. 

Vertical applications, rod down:  Cylinder orientation and actuation can allow for quick and easy lubrication migration.  The non-migratory characteristic of Magnalube®-G eliminates lubrication loss in vertical applications.

High speed applications:  When used in conjunction with LF (low friction) or BP (bumper piston) seals, Magnalube®-G maintains an excellent lube film, even up to 120 inches/second velocity.

While lubrication is a key component to cylinder life, there are many other contributing factors which could increase or decrease a cylinder’s useful life.  The typical life expectancy of cylinder components is usually rated as “2,500 miles of rod travel”, which translates into millions of cycles.  Although Magnalube®-G meets the life expectancy specification, longer cylinder life can be attained by  providing a continuous and uninterrupted supply of lubricating oils.