Customer Spotlight Center

Customer Spotlight Center

Double-Wall® Cylinder Printing Impressions for 26 Years

For nearly three decades, AWT Labels & Packaging, operating out of Minneapolis, MN, and South Elgin, IL, has been producing custom labels with the help of two Bimba Double-Wall®Cylinders. These dual cylinders, in constant service since 1988, are used to control their printing impression on the Webtron 1000 flexo press.



Left: Even after 26 years of continuous service, AWT's Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders provide consistent service and quality.
Right: Two Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders provide the printing impression for AWT's flexo press.


“Over the Webtron 1000‘s long years of service, these Bimba Cylinders have provided very accurate and consistent printing impression," says Tom Olsen, AWT Production Manager. "Printing impression is very important as a custom label manufacturer producing high-end graphics for our customers.”

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TramRite Air Seeder Shut Off Gates

In 2009 Jim Lafferty and TramRite, located in Fredericksburg, VA, developed a system to precisely stop the flow of seed on John Deere CSS Air Seeders. During this development, the need to save seed was identified, and TramRite Air Seeder Shut Off Gates were created. These are connected to a GPS system and turn individual rows off at headlands and point rows, preventing seed from flowing when the seeder head is raised or lowered.

This initial system used a competitor’s cylinders, which were causing problems. The cylinder ports were not chamfered, which caused the fitting seals to be cut, which resulted in air leaks. They were also seeing leakage across the rod gland seal, resulting in contamination and failure. To make matters worse, delivery times were weeks long, and TramRite needed replacements sooner than the competitor could supply them.



Left: TramRite Air Seeder Shut Off Gates prevent seed waste by precisely stopping or starting the flow of seed to the seed meters.
Right: Original Line® cylinder with chamfered ports (top) and competitive cylinder (bottom).

Bimba worked with TramRite to solve these problems using Bimba Original Line® cylinders, which have chamfered ports standard. This immediately eliminated the damage to the fitting seals, resulting in zero leaks. Bimba’s superior rod seal also reduced leakage and eliminated contamination. The Bimba failsafe option is also part of this solution, which provides a “biased” position when the cylinder is at rest (no pressure). A custom label featuring the customer’s name and website was also added onto the cylinder. Bimba was also able to ship these to the supplier within days, exceeding TramRite's delivery expectations.

For more information on TramRite and their Air Seeder Shut Off Gates, click here.


Animatronic Demon Dog

When Distortions needed a flexible, robust electric cylinder solution to use in their newest Animatronic creation – Demon Dogs – they called on Bimba to provide a solution.  The Bimba OLE Electric Cylinder provides the smooth, precise and controlled motion required to allow the Demon Dogs’ head, neck and torso to move in a fluid, synchronized and authentic fashion - much like that of a real live dog. The large size and steel frame found inside each of the Demon Dogs required a robust cylinder solution that could withstand the rigors the application introduced.   The high thrust, extreme quality and great durability found in the Bimba OLE made selecting the OLE an easy choice.

Pneumatic Vial Crimper

A manufacturer and distributor of vial crimping and decapping hand tools and equipment wanted to provide a new light-weight, pneumatically operated tool that could be used in sterile and clean room environments. The tools are used to attach aluminum, crimp-type seals onto vials and bottles, commonly used in laboratory and medical environments.

Design requirements called for a pneumatic piston that could exert 300 pounds of force, using a light-weight, small diameter package.

The engineering team at Bimba went to work, and designed a new cylinder to meet the requirements that were needed. The result was a specially designed package created specifically for this customer, and adapted to work with interchangeable crimping and decrimping heads.

With the support of Bimba, this customer successfully launched their new crimper unit, and have seen sales steadily increase and branch into the global level.

Vial Crimper


CrystalEngCrystal Engineering Solutions

Located in Madison Heights, Michigan, Crystal Engineering designed a gripping mechanism on a robot that rolls up fencing into coils and stacks them onto a pallet.  They used Bimba TE Thrusters to actuate the 2' long fingers on the robot to pick up the coils of fencing.  However, when the machine was fully assembled for testing, it encountered a problem with the thrusters being “jerky” when used in a horizontal plane.

With the help of the Bimba Engineering team, they directed Crystal Engineering Solutions to the Bimba T4 Thrusters.  The T4 Thrusters have 4 guide shafts compared to 2 in the standard TE Thrusters, which doubles the load-carrying capacity and reduces deflection. The T4 also has re-circulating ball bearings on all 4 guide shafts, which helps provide a smooth actuation, and in turn, eliminated the “jerky” motion it was experiencing.



Scare FactoryScare Factory

The Scare Factory manufactures haunted house supplies, special effects and animations for Halloween, dark rides and amusement theme parks.  A majority of the motion made by the animatronics are created through the use of Bimba cylinders and valving.