Lumber and Mining

Lumber and Mining

Lumber and Mining applications create challenging environmental conditions. Cylinders are exposed to extreme heat and cold, contact with corrosive materials and kinetic impact from moving large loads.

NFPA cylinders meet the challenge these conditions present by providing "Heavy", "Tough Duty" and Stainless Steel models, all with many standard options that allow the selection of the correct cylinder to service these applications.


Bimba cylinders perform their toughest work undercover. They are "out of sight" (covered in dust on the top of these tanks) but the maintenance crew is mindful of the continuous service they have provided in this difficult application.

Tough Duty" NFPA Cylinders Feature: Impact Dampening Piston Seals Fixed Cushions PTFE Wear Bands



NFPA cylinders are widely used in a variety of lumber processing applications.

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Bin Sorter

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