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Bimba standard pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators service the many needs for linear or rotary motion in an abundance of packaging applications.

You can rely on Bimba to provide custom configuration of our actuators to locate ports, provide specialized rod ends, service high speed applications and those with special material or temperature requirements to withstand equipment "wash downs".

Mechanical multi-position and closed loop position feedback actuators provide flexible "change-on-the-fly" packaging solutions.


Box General Packaging

Bimba excels in providing standard actuators to service everyday packaging applications as well as those with special requirements.


Typical Bimba actuator uses:


  • Bimba Original Line® to control product flow gates and plastic packaging film tensioning.
  • Position Feedback cylinders to provide closed loop control in flexible packaging work cells.
  • ISO 6431for linear motion on global packaging equipment.
  • Large loads and moments while moving "cases" of products can be serviced using Bimba's guided actuators including T and TE series Thrusters, PneuMoment® and UHL-Ultran®.
DrinkFood Processing

Food packaging equipment generally requires components that can achieve high speed actuation and withstand the rigors of caustic, "washdown" solutions. Bimba has designed and maintains an inventory of standard actuators that provide excellent performance in food packaging applications along with control valves and mounting options.

And, of course, customized actuators are available. Bimba offers three series of standard all stainless actuators;

The all stainless Original Line® that uses Bimba's tried and true technology but with stainless steel end caps and rod guides. Repairable stainless steel repairable Original Line® that allows repairs without the need of tools. Repairable stainless steel RS series cylinder designed to reduce contaminant "catch points" for ease of cleaning. Food grade lubricants and USDA approved options make this an attractive cylinder for food processing applications.   

Two Hand Control Valves for hand operated food packaging equipment. This control is encased in a washdown safe, non corrosive enclosure and  conforms to OSHA's 1910.217 safety standard.

Stainless steel Alignment Couplers - designed to prevent wear due to misalignment on the cylinders rod guide seals and resists vibrational loosening.

PC series cylinder with a stainless steel body and acetal resin rod guide and end cap.

NFPA all stainless tie rod cylinder for food packaging applications requiring a more robust design.

Specialized PackagingSpecialized Packaging

Bimba has a great deal of experience in providing valves and actuators for specialized packaging equipment including those required for the PET industry. 

Please refer to our Solutions Shop tab below to review many of the packaging equipment applications and Bimba's design and manufactured solutions for a wide spectrum of packaging equipment.